One only source for all your client information

Centralized Database

Kronos Finance is an all-in-one system for all your contacts information: clients, personal contacts, suppliers and partners, organizations or individuals.

  • Centralized client information
  • Complete client information file (SIN, HIN, investments and insurance information, Google Maps)
  • FNA data import
  • Ownership of your client database

Complete client information

  • Global or detailed overview
  • Customizable fields
  • Consolidated statement issuance

Investments and insurance information

Kronos Finance includes a complete database of your clients’ insurance and investments:

  • Search through a group of clients based on the insurance held.
  • View insurance and investment data within your clients’ file.

Investments and insurance data automatically updated

Get automatic updates with the gateways available: mutual funds, segregated funds, savings and credit. To learn more, visit our section Automatic updates.

Pricing and Subscription